Matthew Steckel



Personal Background

Based in Paris and Dubai, Matthew Steckel is an international investor and experienced corporate manager (in upstream and downstream oil and gas, banking and finance, and computerized design engineering for the oil and gas industry) who has had an active business career in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the United States since the 1960s.

Mr. Steckel has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of a Swiss Bank operating in Geneva and Lugano.

Mr. Steckel was born and grew up in New York City. He financed his own way through mathematics and engineering universities in the United States before attending the London School of Economics on a scholarship and then attending Harvard Business School, where he earned his MBA in 1965.

Harvard Business School, Boston, MA – MBA in International Banking and Finance Drew University, Madison, NJ –BA in Mathematics and Economics

London School of Economics, London, England – Advanced International Economics Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ – Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics

Business History

After Harvard Business School Mr. Steckel embarked on a successful international business career by moving to the Middle East where he worked initially with C. V. Starr and Company, the owners of AIG, before becoming a principal investor in a long series of successful private equity investments. He was Founding Amministratore delegato (Ad) – Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tamoil Coporation in Europe. He was also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bank of the Commonwealth in the United States.

PetroDesigns – Chairman

Petrodesigns, an affiliate of Netoil Inc., assumed all of the intellectual and trade properties of prior companies of Mr. Matthew Steckel and Mr. Ralph Hicks (who died in 2017), and is continuing to work worldwide on further development of their integrated oil and gas industry engineering design programs. Ongoing coordination with industry leaders on completion of the automated programs for oil and gas production facilities will ultimately lead to a totally integrated and computerized design and costing method. This in turn will lead to worldwide standardization.

Petrodesigns also supplies consulting and project management services on numerous projects, most involving natural gas dewpoint control for both water and hydrocarbons. Some recent projects are listed below:

·         Bluewater Gas Storage (now part of Plains) – Columbus Plant near Detroit, Michigan – Hydrocarbon dewpoint suppression for 750 MMSCFD, Meet 10°F cricondentherm.

·         DPS–Khurmala Dome Glycol Unit – near Kirkuk, Iraq –100 MMSCFD sour gas at 350 psig and 140°F with a 120°F dewpoint depression.

·         PT Medco E&P Indonesia – Rambutan Gas Station – 75 MMSCFD sour gas at 750 psig and 120°F with a 90°F dewpoint depression. Unit built in Indonesia by “first time” fabricator.

·         Shell–McAllen Gas Plant, South, Texas – 300 MMSCFD at 1000 psig and 120°F with a 100°F dewpoint depression Pressurized reboiler (60 psig operating) to eliminate emissions.

·         Numerous Glycol unit upgrade studies.

Petrographics, Inc., New Orleans, LA and Houston – Chairman

Petrographics provides fully integrated enterprise software solutions to the oil and gas industry. These programs automate every aspect of design, costing and construction project management for large-scale oil and gas production facilities. The technology is particularly applicable to deepwater offshore operations. The company is currently active as consulting engineers to major oil and gas companies worldwide and at the same time is expanding the functionality of its automated engineering design software programs.

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