Oilfield Services

PetroDesigns Inc. (United States)


Netoil’s Private engineering affiliate specializing in engineering and construction.

Although Netoil has its own engineering capabilities, most of its engineering is supplied by third-party engineering companies, most prominent of which is PetroDesigns Inc. of Texas and Louisiana in the United States.

PetroDesigns, which is privately held, owns all of the intellectual and trade properties of prior companies of Mr. Matthew Steckel (Chairman) and Mr. Ralph Hicks (President till his death in 2017), and in addition to traditional engineering, it works worldwide on implementation of their integrated oil and gas industry engineering design programs.

PetroDesigns coordinates with industry leaders on continuing development of their automated programs for oil and gas production facilities, which are evolving into a totally integrated and computerized design and costing method. This in turn will lead to worldwide standardization.

PetroDesigns also supplies consulting and project management services on numerous projects, most involving natural gas dewpoint control for both water and hydrocarbons.

Published articles:

Improved Program for Natural Gas Dehydration with TEG: click to read.

Stripburn Simple and Efficient BTEX Control for Direct Fired TEG Reboilers: click to read.

New Gas-Water-TEG Equilibria: click to read.

New Process Controls BTEX in Direct-Fired TEG Reboilers: click to read.

Pressurized Reboiler Reduces VOC Emissions in Glycol Dehy Systems: click to read.

Published patents:

Patent 6,023,003: Process and System for Recovering Glycol from Glycol/brine Streams: click to read.

Patent 6,375,806: Desiccant Reconcentration with Control of Pollutant Gases and Vapors: click to read.

Patent 6,444,095: System for Recovering Glycol from Glycol/brine Streams: click to read.

A PetroDesigns client list:

Client Project Locations
Shell Onshore & Offshore USA, Offshore Africa
BP Onshore & Offshore USA
British Gas Offshore Tunisia
ChevronTexaco Onshore & Offshore USA, Offshore Africa
Petrobras Offshore Brazil
ConocoPhillips Onshore & Offshore USA
ExxonMobil USA, Offshore Malaysia, Offshore Africa
Warren Petroleum Onshore USA
Gulf South Pipeline Onshore USA
Southern California Gas Company Onshore USA
Sempra Energy Onshore USA
Plains All America Pipeline Onshore USA
Schlumberger Onshore USA, Offshore Nigeria
Oceaneering Offshore Africa
Ensearch Offshore USA
Al Furat Petroleum Company Syria
StatOil North Sea
Chiles Offshore Offshore Brazil
Reading & Bates Offshore USA
PT Medco E&P Indonesia Onshore Indonesia
Iraq State Company for Projects (SCOP) Iraq (Near Kirkuk)
Bluewater Gas Storage Onshore USA
Kerr McGee Offshore USA
Coastal Oil & Gas Offshore USA
Total (Elf Aquitaine) Offshore USA
POGO Producing Offshore USA
Astus Enginering, Ltd. Nigeria
Premier Industries, Inc. Onshore USA, Nigeria

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